Even Mark Zuckerberg gets hacked. The news is true and it seems the Facebook co-founder and CEO didn’t have a great weekend. On Sunday, two of his social media were hacked and defaced by a hacker having the name OurMine.

Mark’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts have been hacked because of his habit of reusing passwords. The hacker who used the name OurMine even get a chance to tweet from his account. The hackers tweeted, “you were in Linkedin Database….DM for proof”. That is not it, they even renamed his Pinterest account name to “Hacked By OurMine Team”.

Looks like Mark was really running low on security and his weakness of reusing his passwords led the team of hackers to break into his Twitter and Pinterest accounts. The credit of this hacking goes to to the ‘LinkedIn password dump’ which is happening since a few weeks because of it the OurMine Team dragged such a nice hack.

The ‘LinkedIn password dump’ can get millions of LinkedIn user account details hacked but the company is invalidating the authorisations and contacting affected users to reset their passwords.

OurMine Team also claimed to hack into Zuckerberg’s Insta and facebook account but the rumors are shut by Facebook. They clearly stated no security breach happened on Facebook.

6 Jun 2016
Avni S. Singh

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