Instagram has become an inevitable part of our social life and capturing our life on Instagram just got interesting than ever. Instagram company officials announced that they are increasing the video time limit on Instagram to a full 60 seconds.

Right now a 15- second video feature is available on the Instagram but this new feature, one-minute time limit will make you feel like an eternity where you can make exciting videos. To reveal this feature the company put together a short video montage of recent video posted on Instagram.

(Video Courtesy: vimeo)

This new feature will give Instagram more popularity as there is no such time limit option is available on other social media apps. Popular apps like Snapchat give you 10 second time limit but Instagram’s 1 Minute video will now challenge You Tube’s territory.

Just imagine all the clever producers could easily make mini-documentaries and launch it on Instagram. This feature will give a lot of people golden chances and one minute snapshot will give enough elaboration to the ideas.  

For Instagram addicts this is an absolute treat, the new feature will give them some extra time to spend on their favourite social media platform.

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30 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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