Ingram Micro Offered iPhone With A Payback And EMI Scheme And The Replies Are Hilarious.

Ingram Micro launched an iPhone 6s promotion scheme on this Valentine ’s Day with the hashtag #iPhone6soffer. They offered an EMI scheme and payback scheme for the iPhone customers and posted it on their twitter account. The post was simple but what happened next will make you laugh out loud. Apparently, people replied to that tweet in a hilarious way possible and #iPhone6soffer became a trending hashtag due to these replies.

Some of the loyal customers were siding with the offer but most of them expressed why they can’t afford an iPhone using an uproarious humour. Well, there was something about selling body parts, some taunts and what not. It’s not that we don’t know what they said; we just want you all to look yourself.

Here Are The Hilarious Tweets:

Stop Rolling On The Floor!! Joke’s Over!!

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12 Feb 2016
Avni S. Singh


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