Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Faced a Dreading Test & It Is Not For Light Hearted

Today, there are two kinds of people in the world, either they are iPhone lovers or they are not, reasons may differ. And the ones who didn’t like iPhones turned their focus on the recently launched Google Pixel. Much has been said about the two smartphones and these phones have gone through many tests but everybody has failed to decide a clear winner.

There are many tests that a smartphone is subjected to, before its launch and in our world, the process tends to continue even after the launch. Many bloggers and other platforms put these smartphones through several tests for a detailed review.

There are inventors and then there are innovators, the latter being the more creative category and this is where UnlockRiver comes in. This Youtube Channel is famous for putting different smartphones to the 1000ft drop test.

Yes you heard it right. You must be thinking that why to waste so much money and they should gift one to their subscribers, right? So here is the catch, follow the channel regularly and this generous channel will gift you one. It’s true.

Curious to know about how the devices looked like after the drop, here is the video:

( Video Courtesy:

The video clearly shows that both iPhone 7 and Google Pixel turned to tatters but somehow the latter managed to save its body. No one will buy a phone thinking that someday they will throw their hard earned devise from a 1000ft height but seeing these guys do it, is the funniest review you will find anywhere.

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30 November 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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