Xiaomi has been on a launching spree in India as the Chinese smartphone maker has introduced a plethora of smartphone in the country and now, the company has introduced the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 to target the likes if JBL in the mini-wireless speaker market. The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 has an effective coverage range of up to 10 meters and comes with a rather impressive battery capacity for a speaker this size.

What has caught the attention of all the Mi fans in India is the fact the predecessor of Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2 which was the Mi Pocket Speaker has still not been launched in India. On the other hand, audio devices such as Mi Headphones Comfort, Mi Earphones Black, Mi Earphones Silver, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD and Mi Earphones Basic have made their presence felt in the Indian market.

The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 by Xiaomi measures 60x60x93.3mm and is said to be made out from polycarbonate along with ABS material while its the surface has been crafted from an unspecified aluminum alloy. The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 has been priced at Just Rs. 1,499 boasts in India and comes with a 1200mAh battery with a capacity of 3.7V, offering over 7 hours of music playback time.

Xiaomi has partnered with a German brand called Tymphany to design the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 while it has been made available in India in black and white colour options. On the front, the mini-speaker comes with a LED status indicator while the built-in microphone has made it compatible of taking a phone call and on the other hand, whenever a user receives a call the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 automatically pauses the music.

The company also claims that the control buttons on Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2 are easily accessible and the top mounted controls allow users to playback music as well as control music. Once the Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is paired to the smartphone, users can rotate the top in order to adjust the volume levels.

The Mi Pocket Speaker 2 sports top-mounted control button which can be used in order to control music playback, connect it to Bluetooth devices and adjust volume levels. Coming to the specifications, Xiaomi’s Mi Pocket Speaker 2 offers Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, 5W speaker, built-in microphone and a 1200mAh battery claimed to offer 7-hours of battery life even with continuous music playback.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pocket Speaker 2 has been launched with a six months limited warranty while the company’s listing has confirmed that the device takes around 3 hours to fully charge. The working temperature of the speaker holds between -10 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. The USB power input for the gadget is 5V/ 1A (5W).

Over the years, Xiaomi, which is a Chinese device manufacturer has established itself with a solid stronghold in India and has recently inaugurated its 1000th service center which is now located in Hyderabad, Telangana. From July 2014 onwards, Xiaomi has witnessed an impressive rise in the Indian tech scene while making itself a reliable as well as one of the most popular brands. Now, the company boasts around 500 service centers which are just dedicated to Mi TV repairs and has a presence in over 600 India cities.

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