SPECTACULARLY UNSPECTACULAR, that’s how the new tablet from Apple could be described well. Because the exterior of the latest iPad has remained unchanged from the previous generations but there is an important innovation inside. Let’s find more about the new Apple iPad – the perfect tablet.

Apple launched two new iPads at its September event. The greatest attraction was certainly the completely overhauled iPad Air. But the entry-level model, simply called the iPad, received a small but significant update this year. 

Because instead of the now four-year-old A10 fusion processor, the two years younger A12 bionic chip is now installed in the tablet. According to Apple, this promises around 40 percent more computing power and even twice as much graphics power. Perhaps even more interesting is that the A12 Bionic also offers Apple’s neural engine.

The new chip offers machine learning functions

A12 chip on iPad - what makes the new apple ipad the perfect tablet
Image Source – Appleinsider

It has eight processing units that are optimized for machine learning functions. With Core ML, programmers have been able to use machine learning in their apps relatively easy for some time. This enables image analysis or speech recognition algorithms directly on the device without the need to send data to a cloud. This is where the A12 chip on the iPad should prove to be valuable in the years to come.

Apart from that, everything stays the same with the cheapest Apple tablet like the display, the case, and other features were taken over from the iPad from the previous year, unfortunately along with the comparatively narrow memory of 32 GB. But the Ipad is also available with 128 GB of storage for extra money, of course. Apple does not allow external memory cards. The device looks valuable, the workmanship is top-notch – even if it looks a bit out of date with the wide display frame next to the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

Apart from the processor, everything stays the same

Furthermore, a usable, but not outstanding, 8-megapixel camera works sufficiently, the LC display is very good and bright, but not directly connected to the cover glass. Users also have to do without the TrueTone color temperature adjustment and the large P3 color space but all of this is only available in the significantly more expensive iPad Air. However, this is bearable for private users.

Apple iPad 2020 display
Image source – David Phelan

The device can be used with both the smart keyboard and the first-generation Apple Pencil. At least for the keyboard, there are also good and significantly cheaper alternatives from other providers.

The price of the cheapest model with 32 GB of storage starts at Rs.29,900. The tablet is still a real price-performance recommendation given the performance it offers. Also because Apple is still much more responsive to the possibilities of tablets in terms of software than Android does and the number of apps specially adapted to the tablet format is significantly larger.

Conclusion: Almost perfect all-rounder tablet

Apple has now sold over 500 million iPads and the current eighth generation iPad proves why that is so. In the short test, you always had the feeling of holding a tablet in your hand that can handle all everyday requirements. Sure you have to do without the stylish case, chic colors, or a magic keyboard, the entry-level device scores with sovereignty in almost all disciplines.

why is Apple iPad the perfect tablet
Image Source – Brent Lewin

It is just as good for gaming as it is for video streaming together. With a pen and keyboard it replaces the notepad or drawing pad, with an external keyboard it is also suitable for taking notes at school or in a university seminar.

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A powerful yet affordable device in a software environment that has been perfected over the years – this overall package makes the inexpensive iPad a recommendation for most users, also because Apple promises updates for iPad OS for at least four years. You can easily overlook the somewhat old-fashioned appearance of the housing.

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