Apple Watch Series 4: A larger display, an ECG function and maddening detailed dials: Apple is swaggering its new smartwatch to become the world’s best watch. What can it really do?

The Apple Watch has made me wear the watch again. And not just me, at least that’s what Apple says. At the presentation of the new model in Cupertino, CEO Tim Cook confidently asserted that the Apple Watch is not only the leading smartwatch, but also the best watch in the world. But he did not specify a sales figure – as usual. Little is to be seen of the great innovations that have been discussed in the aftermath of the presentation in Cupertino. These include, for example, the fall detection, which you must turn on in the “emergency SOS” area. Though, Apple itself points out that this alarm could also be triggered by “activities with violent movements”. For example, in sports. On the underside of the clock for an electric heart, sensor is attached, which has a counterpart on the top of the crown. After starting the ECG app, hold one finger on the crown for 30 seconds to take a measurement.

Apple watch series 4 ECG option

In many countries, however, to activate the ECG option, Apple needs regulatory approval. The medical Authorities are demanding further clinical trials. Either way, any ECG records should be clarified by a doctor. Of course, the human heart condition is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Bigger and Nicer

The new case has grown by two millimeters, the screen now rounded and one third larger than the Series 3. The new display is the outstanding feature of the Apple Watch Series 4. The additional screen area and the rounded corners also allow new dials, which displays eight so-called complications around the hands.

Apple Watch Series 4 Features


Apple has expanded the field of sports and training not only in the new Series 4, but also in general with the update to watchOS 5. Now you can also practice open water swimming and yoga with her or go hiking and measure everything.

Good running: The “Rolling pace” function shows during jogging how fast you covered the last kilometer.

Apple watch series 4 sports mode
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When hiking, however, you have – unlike many other sports – the opportunity to enjoy the new, one-third larger screen of the Apple Watch Series 4. That is in everyday life probably the clearest difference to the previous models. Because the screen smoothly blends into the curves of the frame, it does not look as much like a PC screen, offering much more space for pictures and text.

More complex and Super Exciting Dials

It is completely crazy what an immense effort Apple put into the digital dials of the new Apple Watch. For example, for the “Liquid Metal” dial, a multi-meter model of the screen was built and was filled with colored water, then the movements were filmed with a high-speed camera. The preparations took over a year, the shooting took several weeks. The result is one of four new animated dials on the Series 4 and a great example of how obsessed are Apple’s developers with minute details.

In addition to the animated dials, Apple has introduced two more with the Apple Watch Series 4, which are much more functional. One of them is called “Infograph” and in addition to the clock hands, contains eight partly complex additional functions. For example, in the weather forecast, the minimum and maximum temperature of the day are displayed in addition to the current temperature.

The crown rattles according to the Usage

The operation is facilitated by the fact that the crown now gives haptic feedback. To put it simply, when you turn the crown, it feels like you are moving a fine wheelwork. How rough or fine the wheels are, depends on how much information is being displayed. For a list of four entries per screen page, the virtual gears feel finer than reading a mail. This makes orientation in lists, texts and emails easier.

The battery life is somewhat disappointing. A comparison used Apple Watch Series 3 with the latest version of watchOS 5 at the end of the day still had about two-thirds battery capacity remaining. The Series 4 at the same time only had one third battery capacity remaining.

Apple Watch Series 4


The Series 4 is a remarkable upgrade in many ways. Especially the new screen clearly sets it apart from its predecessors. Many functions, with which the new Apple Watch is advertised, can be used however also via watchOS 5 on older models. The battery life could have been a little better. With aluminum housing costs the new Apple Watch from Rs.36,000, the LTE model is for Rs.49,900. The variants in stainless steel housing have always installed LTE and the price is Rs.67,900.


It is, of course, a matter of choice whether you wish to wear a watch or not but this is not just a watch, it is a phone as well, it is an ECG monitor and a Laptop at the Wrist of your Hand.

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