Finally, A Smartwatch With Two Touch Screens.

A researcher along with his team from Dartmouth College has developed Doppio in the US. Doppio is a prototype of world’s first smartwatch with dual touch screens.

Smartwatch With Two Touch Screens.
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It is a reconfigurable smartwatch with two touch screens displays, in which you can detach one from the wrist-bound screen and stuck it above or to the sides. It displays different types of information every time like time, weather and music.

The assistant professor of computer science at Dartmouth, Xing-Dong Yang told that the orientation of the top relative to the base and the top which is attached to the base create a very large interaction space.

Using this prototype, the people in future can use smartwatch interaction.

The researchers have conducted a controlled test to estimate the transition times within configurations and subjective preferences.

Yang Said,”Our proof-of-concept hardware prototype demonstrates how Doppio interactions can be used for notifications, private viewing, task switching, temporary information access, application launching, application modes, input and sharing the top.

This Smartwatch was presented recently in San Jose, California, at the “CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

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13 May 2016
Avni S.Singh

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