Ever wondered what is or what could be the connection between NASA and Tesla? Ever thought that the two superior technological enterprises, revered and idolized in equal measure could actually have a common link?

The answer is a simple five-letter word. It reads ‘joint’ and ends up with exuding a lot of high.

In case, you are holding onto your head or simply failing to bat the eyelids even once, then don’t worry and just cut out the nonsense here.

Smoking up neither confines to the meaning of being at the rooftop of a house and then puffing and nor does it mean pointing the cigarette toward the up north of wherever the puffer or smoker is enjoying himself.

Smoking up is something that, whether you are a socially annoying aunty or a well-refined mentor of youth, is common among everyone. It’s largely up to a person and his or her own individual choice.

But having said that, it isn’t that it’s the gangly youth or those who are aimless but capable that take to the dope. A common phenomenon among those who are in advertising agencies is that they are brought up in the work culture in such a way that they take to marijuana. Contemporary modern society has a habit of thinking that all geniuses, entrepreneurs, and talents of that order habitually consume recreational marijuana.

And then there are the entrepreneurs that rack up the high-net worth strata. Among them is Elon Musk. Where the present matters, then NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has recently shared that no longer will Elon Musk be seen making use of recreational marijuana or smoking joints publicly again.

If in case, the revelation surprises you, then well, do not be too surprised and simply follow more dope on the story.

Leading media outlet based in New Delhi, NDTV shared the following in regards to Elon Musk’s glamorous social recreation habit and more on the issue:

Although NASA initially declined to confirm media reports that the review was prompted by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s appearance on a filmed podcast in which he was smoking a joint, Bridenstine admitted Thursday, during a roundtable with reporters, it “was not helpful.”

NASA and Tesla have been working for quite some time now in the sphere of safety review. It’s hardly a surprise that it was none other than NASA that recently launched a safety review of the electric car major.

In fact, in this regard, one might be compelled to think that what concrete purpose did smoking a joint in front of media, reporters serve Elon Musk- isn’t it?

To elaborate further on the developing story, NDTV reported more on NASA quoting on the story, “He added that he was the one who called for the safety review, announced November 20, of the two companies tasked with building the spacecraft that will enable Americans once again to send people to space — a capacity the US lost in 2011 with the retirement of the space shuttle program.”

American space exploration has been one of the most revered and widely covered domains of modern American history and in this regard, it is believed, NASA was batting for some cultural assessment of Tesla, and a safety assessment for each of the providers.” Of course, it is worthwhile to share that in January 2019, an empty test flight is being planned right at the start of the new year.

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