After running public polls on what Android N should be named, Google finally got a name for its new version of Android and no it is not Nutella instead they have officially named it ‘Nougat’. Yes, Nougat is the name of the latest version of Android.

After getting a lot of suggestions from all around the world the tech giant finally chose Nougat out of all deserts.
The trend of naming Android versions after desserts started with Cu cake and since then Google keeps surprising us with its interesting choice of Android names.




They Have Tweeted About The News On Thursday:

And Released A Video How They Chose The Name:

The fans have already started guessing the next Android name which would start with ‘O’.  Many fans want Google to name its next version Oreo and even we can’t think of a better option.

Android Nougat major new features are a battery-saving feature called Doze on the Go that allows your phone to conserve power while you keep it in your pocket and a VR mode. Another nifty feature of this version is  the Data Saver mode which will help you to decide which apps will access data in the background.

Android Nougat will be officially released after two months.

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1 July, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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