Eugenie Bouchard Owes a Date to a Twitter Fan

Eugenie Bouchard aka Genie aka one of the hottest female tennis player now owes a date to a Twitter fan after losing a Super Bowl bet to him. The talented beauty has been in the limelight for many years but not only for her performance on the court, rather about her drop-dead looks and unconventional dressing style.

Eugenie Bouchard
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It’s been a week since Eugenie Bouchard publically announced her relationship with Jordan Caron, she again created a twitter moment by accepting a Super Bowl bet from a Tiger Wood’s fan who goes by the name TW1 on Twitter.

Bouchard happens to be a New England Patriots fan and after the first half of the game saw Atlanta Falcons dominating over Patriots, she decided to take a gamble. It was not just anything, she accepted a date from a random user if Patriots did manage to make a comeback.

Call it TW1’s fate or a calculated bet, the Twitter fan is now the most envied man in the world as New England Patriots made one heck of a comebacks in Super Bowl history.

Lets see the Twitter conversation first.

See how confident he was while talking to Eugenie Bouchard, learn something!!

Even the 22-year-old Tennis star never expected it to become a hot topic.

We just can’t wait to see whether Genie turns up for a date and make the world envy TW1? If yes, then the Twitter fan has a lot of planning to do..come on, she is Eugenie Bouchard.

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