ISL 2016: FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC, a Thriller That no one Expected

FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC were face to face at the Fatorda Stadium, Goa and since both the teams had not been able to qualify for the ISL 2016 playoffs, nobody was interested in seeing the match. However, there were some die hard fans that were present at the stadium.

Everybody expected a decent fight but what they got was an all out WAR!!

A total of nine goals were recorded in this match. Yes, you heard it right!! NINE GOALS and after witnessing all those below par performance from both these teams in ISL 2016, seeing this match was a shocking experience.(A good one though)

The way this game started, no one could believe their eyes that these are the bottom two teams of the season as this match kept all the attendees and the ones watching from their homes, on their feet. It was that intense. Goals were treated as candy, goalkeepers were beaten like hell, forwards were seen marching all over the place and all that grass was unrooted from the ground…Phew!!

Words are not enough to define the atmosphere of the Fatorda Stadium and here are the highlights from the Highest Scoring match of Indian Super League History. There is plenty of action and that too, at a frantic pace.

Image Courtesy: ISL
Image Courtesy: ISL

The opener came early in the 4th minute when Chennaiyin FC received a free kick and the young Jerry Lalrinzuala, showing his impressive skills, curled the ball into the nets. Kattimani couldn’t defend the strike and the hosts ended up taking the lead.

Rafael Coelho
Image Courtesy: ISL

However, the lead didn’t last for long as it took only 2 minutes for FC Goa to score an equalizer when Jofre Mateu passed the ball through Chennaiyin’s defense to Rafael Coelho, who received it perfectly and shot the ball past an onrushing Karanjit Singh.

Both the teams were attacking regressively and their hunger for goals further intensified the game. The match was getting into an exciting position and what we saw next, made this game a complete package.

There are not many people that can say that they have seen a player scoring against his own team. Well, we are one of them now.

Anrirudh Thapa
Image Courtesy: ISL

In the 14th minute, Thoi Singh came in from the right and took a shot at goal and Anirudh Thapa’s presence inside the box, made matters worse for Kattimani. Thapa lashed on the loose ball and attempted a shot, which deflected off the post. However, on the rebound, the ball again took a deflection off Arnolin and went straight into the nets, taking the game to 2-1 in Chennaiyin FC’s favor. Now that’s called, ‘lack of experience’.

Chennai was looking the more dominant side as the team was seeing a lot of ball but FC Goa upped their game within minutes and took the score to 2-2.

Jofre Mateu took a penalty shot which was given to his team after Harmanjot brought down Rafael inside the box. Jofre was quick to capitalize and turned this penalty shot into an excellent goal, leaving the line and Karanjit to tatters.

Chennaiyin FC refused to back down and scored another in the 28th minute. Daniel was doing extremely well for the visitors and this time his partner in crime was Dudu
(his capabilities have nothing to do with his name). The latter was on the receiving end of a pass by Daniel and gave his team the lead by outrunning FC Goa’s center backs.

At halftime, the score was 3-2, Chennaiyin FC being in the lead and by this time, the number of goals in this match equaled the number of goals scored in last two games of ISL 2016 combined. How Ironic!!

The second half started on a low note as neither team was able to put pressure on the other and as a result, all the action was restricted to the center of the ground.

Sahil Tavora
Image Courtesy: ISL

However, FC Goa was the first one to get fired up and started attacking their opponents strategically. Their efforts finally bore fruit in the 68th minute when Jofre and Coelho partnered, leading to an amazing solo run from the latter inside the box. His shot at the end of his solo run got deflected but was perfectly received by Sahil Tavora. The player had an empty net in front of him and he scored the equalizer for his team, without wasting any time.

The score was 3-3 at this point and FC Goa tried to cement its position by scoring another goal. Their attempt crossed the finish line when Coelho scored his second goal of the game in the 76th minute.

Trindade Goncalves got hold of the ball in FC Goa’ half which followed a long pass towards Coelho. The Brazilian easily panned Karanjit and scored the goal.

Chennaiyin FC didn’t let FC Goa take a breath as the team again equaled the tally by scoring a goal in the 88th minute. FC Goa gifted a penalty to the visitors when Raju Gaikwad was caught by the referee, handling the ball in the box. John Arne Riise was given the responsibility to take the penalty shot and Goooooaaaaaalll!! The marque man smashed a left-footed shot and Kattimani had no chance to stop it.

John Arne Riise
Image Courtesy: ISL

With the game coming into its nick of time, the score was 4-4 and still, both teams were committed to not let the crowd relax. It was the brilliance of Tavora that took the game towards a decider. The player came from the left, cut it to the right and smashed the ball from 25 yards, straight into the goalpost.

This goal in the injury time decided the result of this match between FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC, with the scoresheet reflecting a tally of 5-4 in FC Goa’s favor.

However, the question which is eating us from the inside is, why ISL 2016 didn’t see this kind of performance from either of the teams earlier?

After seeing this Godly performance, no one can take it away from both the teams that they ended up entertaining us to the highest of levels.

2 December 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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