ISL 2016: Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin FC

Delhi Dynamos continued their supremacy over Chennaiyin FC on Wednesday at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi. Chennaiyin FC, the defending champions were hoping to do better after their 3-1 defeat against Delhi Dynamos. However, what we saw was a much worse performance from Chennaiyin FC.

Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin FC
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Delhi Dynamos entered the game with boosted confidence due to their last win against Kerala Blasters and that showed in the team’s performance.

Delhi Dynamos defeated Chennaiyin FC by a humongous lead of 4-1 and here is a summary of all the goals scored.

Delhi Dynamos was the one to score the first goal of the match in the 15th minute when Malouda received a Siam Hanghal pass and lashed toward the goalpost. He then discharged the ball with a low shot which was successfully defended by the goalkeeper. However, Richard Gadze gave the crowd a reason to cheer as he scored a goal in the rebound.

Chennaiyin FC desperately tried to score an equaliser but the home side added fuel to the fire by scoring another goal in 25th minute. Gadze dribbled the ball while saving it from Chennaiyin players and somehow passed it to Malouda. Malouda fired a low shot towards opposition’s post and scored his first ever goal of ISL 2016 season.

Chennaiyin FC was able to score their first and the last goal in the 37th minute when Bernard Mendy disrupted an attack by Delhi and passed the ball towards Raphael Augusto. The latter passed it back to the Chennai Captain who in turn charged towards the goal and showed his ‘one man army’ by opting for a solo run. His fierce shot towards the post was enough to take the score to 2-1.

Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin FC
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Rest of the first half saw both teams defending their positions and waiting for the regrouping time to make new strategies.

It was the second half where the defending champions lost their reputation as Delhi Dynamos players were all over the place. The visitors were stunned after seeing the ‘Godly’ performance of the opposition and Delhi Dynamos showed why the franchise is called the ‘Best Team’ of Indian Soccer League.

Malouda turned architect for the next goal as he rolled the ball for Lewis who in turn shot the ball to the bottom corner of Karanjit’s post. Karanjit couldn’t get down in time and the score tally increased to 3-1.

Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin FC
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The situation became similar to that of Chennai’s last defeat against Delhi and still half an hour of play was left.

Chennaiyin FC shifted their focus on attacking the opposition and Delhi Dynamos took advantage of Chennai’s open defence and scored the last goal in the 85th Minute.

Badji headed a Marcelinho pass towards Malouda and the former Chelsea player skilfully guided it into the nets with a deft touch and took the game to 4-1 in Delhi’s favour.

The match ended with Delhi Dynamos winning the game by 4-1 and Chennaiyin FC got demoted to 5th position of ISL 2016 tally.

Delhi maintained its top position and the team is on the way of confirming its birth in the Semi-Finals.

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9 November 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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