Wayne Rooney Stars In X-Men Apocalypse Promo And He Nailed It!!

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney has appeared in a recent promo of X-Men Apocalypse and it is so cool to see him in the middle of all the metahumans and meta-gods. Well, he is not starring in it but he did appear in an advert to promote the movie. Football and X-Men quite an interesting combination don’t you think?

Well, apparently in this promo Professor X is using Cerebro machine and along with his X-Men cohorts, he is discussing the world’s population of mutants. He is discussing especially the mutants that play at Old Trafford and Vola! He finds Rooney there.

Watch The Promo Here:

Well, Rooney did an inspired cameo for the promo and even when he is playing himself, he seems to struggle with the role. You may think why Rooney will appear in the promo for a movie that deals with the concept of metahuman. That is because it’s all part of United’s ongoing commercial partnership with 20th Century Fox and under this partnership Rooney came into the picture.

20 May 2016
Avni S.Singh

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