Lebanese boy who lost his parents last month in the Beirut attack by ISIS, got the opportunity to meet his idol Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday. Haidar Mustafa, survived the suicide attack which took place on November 12 in Bourj al-Barajneh, a famous shopping street, the suburban area is also popular for the Shiite movement Hezbollah. Paris attack ISIS occurred after 24 hours of this attack, ISIS took the responsibility of the both the attacks. The three years old toddler survived, however, he lost his parents in the brutal attack. Lebanese capital witnessed the worst attack since the civil war in the country.

In the hospital, a photographer took his picture; he was in real Madrid shirt displaying number 7 on the back. Number 7 is Ronaldo’s jersey number. After a social media campaign, Real Madrid took every effort to locate the boy and to help him meet his favorite star Ronaldo.

Call it football or soccer, the game and its players can change the course of the war and encourage people to indulge in the activities likes sports and art instead of inhuman activities. There are facts which prove that history can be changed, Brazil also revives somewhat due to love of football. A game can change the entire fate of state if no politics and hatred are involved in it.

In the Video, Mustafa is not able to hold back his tears after meeting him. He was enthralled to meet the whole team and was happy after the courteous reception by the Real Madrid.

20 Dec 2015

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