Lionel Messi Scored 500th Goal Of His Life But His Team Couldn’t Win

Lionel Messi – The utmost loved football player of football shot the golden 500 goals of his life and made the latest landmark of his career. His remarkable career and his skills need no introduction but when he netted the 500th goal for Barcelona against Valencia in La Liga action on Sunday, the moment became unforgettable for him and all of his fans. The football player has carved his name in the football history for forever, though his team did not win against Valencia.

Losing this game has put Barcelona into a full-blown crisis in La Liga however if they won all the remaining lined up games , they can still win La Liga but as of now the team is running empty. Valencia performed far better than it did in the Champions league and Barcelona missed all the chances to come back in the second half of the game. Losing at this time may be the worst time of the season for Barcelona and if they want to be in the winning line they need to make a strong comeback in the remaining games. Although Messi scored the 500th Goal of his life but that did not stop Barcelona from losing their third straight game in the league.

The football player did not manage to score in past four games but he has been on fire this year. In 2016, Messi scored 26 goals in 28 games. The journey from netting his first one to his 500th has not been easy and not every soccer player can match up to the excellence he brings to the game. Here is a brief look through his journey to 500th goal.

1. He is a slow starter but a ruthless finisher.

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If we talk about 15 % of the beginning of his games till now he has always taken his time as only 50 of his goals out of 500 came in the beginning of his games but in after 75 minutes he becomes ruthless and performs like a hurricane.

2. One good foot has done it all.

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Messi has scored most of his goals from his left foot. He has netted 406 goals from his left foot, 71 goals from his right foot and he netted 21 goals from his head. Don’t you think if he would have played equally well from his right foot we would be talking about his 1000th goal?

3. Past eight blooming seasons.

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In past eight seasons, Lionel Messi has scored 40+ goals which are not good as compared to his 80+ goal average which he managed to achieve in 2011-12.

4. Who he has scored against.


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Messi has scored against many teams but the top three teams he has scored against are Atletico, Madrid and Sevilla. He has scored 25 goals against each of them and they should really fear him.

5. How he managed to get 500 goals.

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Here is how he scored 500 goals. He netted 309 goals in La Liga league and 83 goals in Champions league. Messi has also scored 37 goals in Copa del Rey, 27 International friendly goals, 15 goals in World Cup Qualifier, 11 goals in Spanish Super Cup, 5 goals in World Cup, 5 in Club World Cup, 3 in Copa America and 3 goals in European Super Cup.

6. Who assist him better?

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Well he gets along with most of the players but the top five assist providers who have created goals for Messi are:- Alves, he has created 42 goals, Iniesta created 33 goals,Xavi who created 31 goals, Pedro created 25 goals and Suarez created 16 goals for Messi.

7. Messi’s Performance

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If we compare Messi’s performance between Club and Country, it is not wrong to say that he is not a potent international player. He plays better when he plays for the club and that you can make out from the goals we have mentioned in 5th point.

Anyways, we are just happy that he did scored 500 Goals and we want him to play better!! You Go Messi!!

18 April 2016
Avni S. Singh

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