Lionel Messi Danced With His Wife Antonella On The Wedding Day & Made Us Jealous AF!

Lionel Messi broke millions heart on 30th June, 2017, when he tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo in a private yet “oh so gorgeous” wedding ceremony. Both of them were looking like a couple made in heaven and despite Messi has always been a charmer as he has killer looks, Roccuzzo was looking like a fairy who descended straight from heaven.

Now the world knows that Leo and Antonella were the childhood sweethearts who have always been an inspiration to everyone after all there bond is a perfect example of “love”. Both of them first met in Argentina and even after Messi moved to Spain to pursue his career in soccer, their bond stayed inseparable. They lived apart but always grew closer to each other.

Finally, they have taken the woes and became Mr and Mrs Messi and you can easily spot the overdose of happiness dripping from their faces. If you think we are exaggerating it look at this picture and tell us if you think otherwise.

Breathtaking, wasn’t it? The world has already seen the pictures of their dreamy wedding but we have something that is so much better and beautiful than that. Messi and Antonella both were looking spectacular but when they danced at the wedding party together, the view was simply bewitching. It may make you feel so jealous of Antonella because her man looks so madly in love with her.

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Si ella sube yo también .. tirando pasos

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Did you notice the footwork? Well, if that made you gasp for air then wait till you see this one as its sensuous and steamy. It is kinda dancing that every woman dreams off and both of them look so arresting together that everyone can certainly take some inspiration or set some new relationship goals.

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That’s just too hot to handle. We wish they keep dazzling together and as for female fans…. We understand your pain. It will get better with time.

4 July 2017
Avni S. Singh
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