Lionel Messi missed the penalty shootout in Copa America Final which led Argentina to lose their third straight major final. According to the game broadcast, it was the first time when Messi missed a penalty shootout. It was heartbreaking to see the Argentina losing by 4-2 to Chile on penalties.

After the final was done, all the camera lenses were fixed to Messi and the popular football player was trying hard to control his tears. Everyone knew that he is feeling low and dishearten but nobody was ready for the shock he gave to the football fanatics while an interview.

In a television interview, he said that” the national team is over for me and after 4 finals it’s not for me. I believe, the decision is taken.”

Well, the interview is in his native language but the literal translation says it all.

Watch The Video Here:

While everyone was hoping that he do not take this decision as his final, Messi stuck on his words when he spoke to the Argentina football association’s representative in the dressing room.

He said,” I know it is over for me, the team is not for me. It’s for the good of all. For me and for all. Many want that. They are not satisfied with reaching the final, and neither are we.”

This news shook football world and while everyone in there was going crazy, Sergio Aguero who is Messi’s best friend on the team said that he have never seen Messi this dishearten in the  dressing room. He also said that he really hope that this is just a hot headed decision and Messi might rethink about his decision again.

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27 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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