Germany were expected to not just defend their World Cup title, rather win it. It’s a change of perspective if you think of it honestly. You defend something which you feel you are fragile or weak to lose out on. You reclaim something you feel you are completely in charge of.

And within a fortnight of heading into the mother of all sporting battles, it became apparent as to which way were Germany heading. Just imagine, just think about it- had the stunning victorious strike from the corner by Toni Kroos not had come about against Sweden, where would have the team from Deutschland been?

Their loss to Mexico wasn’t just a loss; it was a cold-blooded blow. It was a jolt none saw coming. Not Thomas Mueller. Not Mesut Oezil. And certainly not, Toni Kroos or Julian Draxler. Next up, they were saved, but only just against Sweden. But by that time, their hearts were in their mouths.

Then, finally, when it was the final game in the league stage, an all-to-play-for, an assault that should’ve been a signature mark of the famous German efficiency- they were crushed 2-0. Who saw that coming? Who would have believed that such a fatality was on the cards?

Joachim Low

One man saw it all; one individual was part of everything- whether stress or duress. That man was Joachim Low. The team’s manager, the braveheart marksman who saw the team clinch their famous 2014 FIFA World Cup crown was at the other end known as despair. Spare a thought for the man who oversaw mayhem.

And now, thankfully, in a bit of news that might have given Joachim Low a sigh of big relief- it’s been confirmed that the German manager will stay on with the team in his current capacity. No changes, whatsoever to the position of the German football team’s manager, therefore.

This also, therefore, means, that Joachim Low shall stay on in his capacity of Germany’s head-coach for the remaining months until any further decision is allowed. Perhaps it is a sign of faith and the pure camaraderie that the two share between each other- the coach as well as the team.

After all, under the close watchful eyes of Low have massive talents like Ozil, Muller, Kroos, Boateng and Khedira among the others have developed their craft and bloomed at the international stage.

In extending his regards and wishes to the DFB, coach-manager Joachim Low was full of gratitude and it purely reflected in his words.

“I am very grateful for the belief that the DFB has shown in me and I feel, generally, that despite the justified criticism towards me, I feel a lot of support and encouragement too,” said Löw.

It’s also been reaffirmed that Joachim Low will stay on with the team until May 2022 as per his contractual arrangement. But having said that, Germany’s coach-and-manager has his task truly cut out. To work toward the further strengthening of the side and to factor in various anomalies that hurt Germany’s chances and build a team that can once again exert its might in the international competitive stage.

But that told- how easy or difficult is going to be what seems a massive rebuilding stage for truly a champion team might well be an onerous task. While Low might have had the pleasure of seeing a young Draxler and Kroos playing to their full strength, combating pressure from their opposite numbers with alacrity, there’s reason to believe, he wouldn’t have been pleased with the performances of experienced old-guards- Ozil, Muller, Khedira and the likes.

Even the performance of veteran captain Neuer would’ve raised a brow one too many of concern. Amid all these oscillating changes- how well can Low reconstruct a fighting force, only time can tell.

But he reflected poignantly on the current state of affairs and shared the following.

“It was important for me, after a few days in which I did a lot of thinking, to sit down and have a one-to-one talk with the top of the federation.”

“I am pleased that we can continue our long, successful path with Jogi Löw,” added the captain Manuel Neuer. “And I have the confidence that together we will regain our strength.”

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