FIFA World Cup or Rugby World Cup Which Is More Popular?

If there is a notion that ‘football love’ prevails in the air, then check the fierceness of Rugby across the world. Take a look at the chart below to know that Rugby is second only to soccer in attendance.

Well, if one will talk about the statistics of attendance, then ‘the Olympic games’ will emerge out to be ‘the only winner’ as the number of tickets on offer are higher than that of single sporting game. So, if we talk about a single sporting event, then FIFA is the king in the chart. Brazil witnessed the highest number of attendance of football lovers.

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In 2014, FIFA World cup had the attendance figure of 3.43M. Even in 2010, South Africa witnessed the attendance of 3.18M spectators during games. Yes, football rules, however, Rugby is not far to rule the adrenaline rush of sports lovers. Cricket, tennis, etc., is behind the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the statistia chart. The FIFA Women’s World Cup data shows the presence of 1.35M, whereas in 2015 Cricket World Cup got 1.20M attendance.

Projected attendance is 2.22M for Rugby World Cup this year. It proves that love of Rugby is second only to soccer.

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