Cristiano Ronaldo, the name that has been a synonym of modern football, is one of the most decorated athletes of recent times. Apart from being one of the best footballers of this generation, Ronaldo is also one of the most popular and loved athletes in the world.

However, these are not the only accolades that Cristiano Ronaldo has. Even though he has a huge fan base, he may seem ‘arrogant’ and ‘cocky’ to some and moreover, Ronaldo’s “I’m the best” attitude doesn’t always tend to go down well with football fans, but he backs up his attitude with an unbeaten excellence on the football pitch.

Right now, there are a handful of athletes in the world who can challenge the excellence of Cristiano Ronaldo in their respective sports and the long list of achievement that the Real Madrid star has under his belt, ranging from multiple Ballon d’Or to sky touching tally of goals, makes him one of the most decorated football players ever.

However, the fact that there are not many stadium left in the world where Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been whistled at, is also not hidden. It may be a reason of his hunger to achieve more and more or the intense pressure or the adrenaline, which every football match brings with it, and we just came up with a video that will definitely change your perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo.

( Video Courtesy: FunChannel )

If you are anything like me, you may share a love or hate relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo but seeing him caring so much about his fans and motivating his co-players by saying ‘tomorrow is another day’, it just makes me adore his greatness, both on-field and off-field, more, more and even more!!

All his haters should understand that what happens on the field is the result of intense pressure and wanting to perform to the fullest. Cristiano Ronaldo’s off-field persona is the exact opposite from what we see during a game.

P.S. Ronaldo forcing the security to let a fan take a picture has left us in Awe!!

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