Brazilian Football Referee Pulls Out Gun During Match

We have always seen fans fighting with each other for their favorite teams and that is not something new to us.We know the aggressiveness sometimes acts like a synonym of football while in action. This Madness is again observed during a regional league match in Brazil.

(Video Source: World News TV)

This footage was captured by a spectator, in which the argument among players, referee and manager took an ugly shape when Brazilian Football Referee Gabriel Murta held the gun in his hands on the pitch.

Before, the video was captured, sources claimed that Referee was slapped and kicked by the players from the lower league and the manager also invaded the pitch while asking for the red card.

Murta said he felt threatened and for his self-defense took his gun out.

He is now facing disciplinary action and maybe he will be permanently banned for his action. Whatever the punishment will be, these actions will deteriorate the image of the game.

Can’t it be possible to show the frustration of the game on the ball instead of each other?

30 Sep 2015

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