Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich, the biggest problem with this game was ‘the result didn’t come as a shock’. It’s been more than ten years and Arsenal never surprises anyone, never excites, never fail to disappoint after registering humiliating defeats like this.

Even the fans are so distraught with the team that even before the game started they demanded Arsene Wenger to leave the club and protested against his presence with toilet papers. What made matters worse for the manager was Bayern Munich matching the 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal once again and forcing the Gunners to exit Champions League for the seventh consecutive time and that too at home.

Yes, Theo Walcott opened the tally for his team in the 20th minute but after that, it was Bayern Munich displaying some exceptional performance with the ball and leaving Arsenal tattered in the second half.

A total of five goals were scored after break time but every time the ball entered the nets, it took a piece out from Wenger’s soul. Robert Lewandowski (55), Pen Arjen Robben (68), de Souza Douglas Costa (78) and Arturo Vidal (80, 85) all gave Arsenal the biggest loss at the Emirates to date, as they go crashing out of the Champions League in an embarrassing style.

At the final whistle, Wenger walked down the tunnel looking utterly deflated and what the manager said in the post-match presentation, left the fans even more fired-up, but all for the wrong reason.

He said that there is nothing wrong with the side and the team is still one of the best in Club Football. And this somewhat felt true as they played well in the Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich game until the penalty and red card, further none of the big decisions went their way.

However, losing to Bayern Munich is never considered a shame as the club has lifted themselves to the skies in the last couple of years, but losing by 5-1 and that two twice in the same season, left the fans feeling cheated.

And why not? Munich has now scored 26 goals against Arsenal in Champions league which is the second highest by any club against a single opponent. Gunners have found it hard to perform against them and humiliation has been a constant for Arsenal when they have played against Bayern for quite some time now.

Fans took on to Twitter for venting out their frustration and declassing Arsene Wenger for taking the club to new lows. These tweets are some of the funniest ones that trolled the Emirates in the most humourous way possible.

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