You’ve seen him fight other pugilists, break their jawline now expect the unexpected: Floyd Mayweather vs kickboxer! Wait, what?

He fights with the elan of a Lewis Hamilton knocking the socks off a Sebastian Vettel. He remains focused on the great American legacy he’s proud of representing, it being home of the great Ali. There haven’t been many who’ve challenged his authority inside the ring. There are few who would take their mind off the fact that once embroiled in a contest, it’s Floyd Mayweather, who is the king.

Now, all set to return to the ring, the prospect of Floyd Mayweather vs Kickboxer, a fight that’s perhaps, at this point in time, ignited the social media with undeniable frenzy is interesting one and all.

For starters, that the great undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather is once again at the brink of a fight has heightened the expectation of ‘what might’ become. And that this is no ordinary fight but a contest against an accomplished MMA fighter from Japan has sort of, raised the bar of excitement in Floyd Mayweather-land; a fan universe that off late, has seen the pugilist famous for his larger-than-life lifestyle living it up in the USA.

For now, here’s what is confirmed.

Apparently, on the New Year’s Eve, right a few hours ahead of the new year 2019, Floyd would be gearing up against Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan.

Floyd Mayweather vs Kickboxer

The young 20-year-old will be squaring up against an established champion of the game, a bloke whose fame in the contemporary fold of boxing is second to none. The 41-year-old will be fighting what might become, in all probability, a mixed martial arts contest, the first for the American even if not the first for Japanese Nasukawa.

But if you were to step aside from the contemporary fold of contact sports, then you would find that not every boxing bout is all that interesting and that the audiences are focusing elsewhere.

That Mixed Martial Arts contests have started dominating the proceedings akin to another Mission Impossible series heightened by an insane stunt by Tom Cruise is the truth and here to stay.

One also wonders what might be the agenda behind the current hot-topic: Floyd Mayweather vs kickboxer?

For starters, that Mayweather, ever a passionate pugilist cannot sit idle and remains forever in search for newer challenges may offer some sense behind his bold decision. But it could also be the case that the experience 41-year-old fighter is doing his bit to raise awareness about mixed martial arts in his part of the world might also be the case.

Having said that, whatever might be the case, it’s a win-win for Mixed Martial Arts right? As it is, a sudden post-match skirmish, as seen in the case of the widely-debated Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov, the feud catapulted MMA to the attention of the world by a few more notches.

Having said that popular portal TMZ shared the following with respect to the widely anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Kickboxer duel, soon to take place:

Floyd says he chose to have this fight in Japan because he loves the country and the people. As for his opponent, Floyd says the guy is in great shape — “very young, very fast” – and he’s impressed with Tenshin’s physique. Says the guy looks like a serious gym rat.

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