Few drivers command as much respect as an air of sensation as Fernando Alonso. Even as he is not on the current grid, the 2005 and 2006 world champion is the only other most experienced driver apart from Kimi Raikkonen.

Only a year shy from turning 40, Fernando Alonso is still in great fitness and form and perhaps that’s one of the big reasons why he considered returning to the sport where he’s driven for some sensational marquees- Ferrari and McLaren to quote a few.

But even as he remained unsuccessful in his search for another world title with these two legendary outfits, his fortunes with Renault were far more colourful and shaped in success.

It’s also the very team with which Fernando Alonso shall be marking his return, hopefully a high-octane one in 2021. Where the present form and shape of the car is concerned, then the RS 20 seems to cut a very fine and imposing figure. The very machine with which a Daniel Ricciardo has raced onto several respectable P4 finishes.

Should the factory team continue to roll out a superior machine then we could very well see a prominent driver aligned with a competitive Renault in 2021, the year where Lewis Hamilton could target and possibly achieve an eighth world title, given he’s only a few races away from clinching a seventh career crown.

But all of that said, a big question remains. It’s not as such why Fernando Alonso chose to return; well, his 2018 season, though much better in terms of fortunes than the previous McLaren runs still signalled ‘unfinished business.’

fernando alonso 2021 return

The big question is why did Fernando Alonso target 2021 as the year of his return to the top annals of motor-racing.

And apparently, we do have an answer now.

The famous Spaniard got candid in a recent interview and had the following thoughts on offer:

Yes, When I put on the table everything I could do next year, F1 seemed the most attractive. “The idea of returning in 2021 was always there because the rules changed.

“I did know that if I returned it would be in 2021, because in 2019 and 2020 with the same cars the idea would not attract me. With the change in rules, the idea might appeal to me.”

That isn’t all. He would go on to add, ” I did not know how I was going to feel in F1 after so many years. And with the pandemic and the delay in regulation to 2022, I was wondering what to do. Whether to continue another year apart or if it would be a long time away.

Honestly, with Fernando Alonso all set to get behind the wheel of an F1 car once again with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and now Sebastian Vettel (confirmed to race for Aston Martin) still very much in the sport, it would be wonderful to see one of the sport’s famous troika’s getting into on-track battles.

Should Raikkonen also manage to secure a new deal with his Alfa Romeo team, it would make one heck of a quartet on the F1 tracks next year.

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