We do not know whether this is actually going to happen or not but truth certainly is that the impending Russian Grand Prix of 2020 could well be a double-header. Now while there’s no confirmation to this piece of news- so do not blame us- here’s what actually led to this bit of development.

Apparently, the officials down at Sochi, who are tasked with the hosting of the Russian GP are pretty much excited by the prospect of the same Formula 1 venue hosting a race in a consecutive or back-to-back run.

As we all know, truncated that it might be, the current 8-GP long season (which may have more races as we move ahead) is going to be flagged off at Austria’s double-header.

Never before has one seen two back-to-back races being held at the same venue in the recent history of the sport. But this happened because there just wasn’t any other way to make do for all the lost time owing to the dreadful Coronavirus epidemic.

Something had to be done in a way to introduce more contests having lost quite a few given the epidemic.

In fact, the last time that there was such a big gap between races was around half a century ago. But where it stands right now, then not only Spielberg but even Silverstone is poised to host two consecutive race-weekends, hence, two Grands Prix.

So can the Russian GP become the third racing event this season which will give us not one but 2 races?

On that thought, it’s important to consider that the CEO of the sport Chase Carey is very keen to still have at least 15-18 races this year, taking into consideration that premier events such as Australia, China, Bahrain, Baku, Monaco, Canada, have all been called off!

That being said, here’s an official statement that emanates from the racing circles that births the belief that Russian GP officials could consider having two races at Sochi:

“Currently, we are working with colleagues from Formula 1 on various options for holding the Russian Grand Prix,” a Rosgonki spokesperson told Motorsport.com.

“If necessary, we do not exclude the possibility of holding two rounds. Sochi has an excellent modern infrastructure that our partners appreciate,. In terms of organisation, the Rosgonki team is ready for several racing weekends in Sochi.

“The final format of the race will be determined after additional consultations with experts and analysis of the current situation with coronavirus.”

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At the end of the day, one will also have to necessarily factor in aspects like the financial and time bandwidth, coupled with all relevant and much-needed medical arrangements, in order to keep all possible health risks at bay as the driver, staff and team safety is of utmost importance.

Yet the idea of having two races this year at the sprawling and picturesque 53-lap contest of Sochi is indeed endearing- isn’t it?

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