Ever since he hung up his racing boots, if there’s a question that has perturbed all racing fans and F1 lovers then it’s got to do with the Michael Schumacher health update. Not just a race winner but a multiple world champion, not just a multi-world champion but a true icon of Formula 1, Michael Schumacher has blazed a trail that many would love to follow.

In fact, for many individuals, to arrive in Motor-Sport’s highest form of single-seater racing- i.e., Formula 1- means to compete in a sport where Michael Schumacher pretty much left nothing to the imagination.

At his peak, he was undefeatable, nearly unconquerable. And now, in the aftermath of his legendary F1 career, all that one gets to know about the 7-time F1 world champion is through the Michael Schumacher health update.

That said, in the aftermath of the tumultuous and nearly fatal events of the skiing incident that took place in the French Alps, then the great German has only been able to embrace the headlines in the following manner: Michael Schumacher health update.

Truth be told, beyond the glorious wins, the record-shattering feats all around the world, and the multiple world titles, the one aspect that’s commanded all the attention of his fans, then it is concerned with the Michael Schumacher health update.

Left in a sorry state of affairs, confined to his wheelchair, oscillating between various European destinations for health checkups, much of the great Kaisar of F1 racing has been about giving aching fans every little glimmer of hope about his improvement.

And that’s something we all hope happens for real: an absolute recovery of Michael Schumacher. Apparently, here’s the latest piece of Michael Schumacher health update that besotted fans would want to get familiarised with:

The stricken seven-time Formula One world champion is in Paris’ Georges-Pompidou hospital for cell therapy surgery, according to French daily Le Parisien. The Paris hospitals department, contacted by AFP, refused to confirm or deny the news citing medical privacy laws. But according to Le Parisien, the 50-year-old German legend is in the cardiovascular department overseen by surgeon Philippe Menasche, described as a ‘pioneer in cell surgery against heart failure’. Schumacher will receive stem cells to obtain an anti-inflammatory effect throughout his system, Le Parisien suggests.

Apparently, Schumacher’s treatment is currently on at Paris and he will be discharged in the course of the next 24 hours. From a fan perspective, all that’s known about Michael Schumacher is that the chances of an absolute full-blown recovery are limited and therefore, every tiny instance of improvement is a hugely positive step.

Schumacher’s standing as an all-time great in the sport shall never be challenged for no other driver took Ferrari to such daunting heights. Currently, only Lewis Hamilton, already a five-time world championship winner, seems capable of matching Schumi’s feats!

That said, another bit of positive surrounding the Michael Schumacher health update comes from his set of old friends who have suggested that he is able to walk and communicate to a fair extent. To this day, fans are determined about Michael’s complete recovery and as seen at the recently-concluded Grand Prix of Italy at Monza, everyone was chanting Schumacher’s name.

Also, given the fact that Schumacher Jr., i.e., Mick Schumacher is on his way to finding a possible F1 seat in the not so distant future is being looked and cheered as a great development. One hopes that the young driver, already a part of the Ferrari family(Ferrari driver academy), will be able to carry forward his father’s sterling legacy.

Let’s hope for a full-fledged Michael Schumacher recovery sooner than expected! Forza Michael, keep fighting!

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