There are heroes in sports. Then there are icons. After that, there are those who can be called Czars. That’s precisely what Lewis Hamilton is to a sport where he currently occupies the throne. For quite simply, there’s no one better who can succeed the emperor of Grand Prix racing.

Forget the fact that he has against his name, the world record of all-time most points scored. At 3,431, it doesn’t really seem that anyone is going to overtake arguably the best driver on the grid.

For a second, even ignore the mighty stack of 84 victories and 88 pole positions. The real question concerning Lewis Hamilton is, how does one take the mind away from what is an amazing tally in the form of 6 World Championships?

Let’s face facts. Had the 2019 season not been sidelined due to the Coronavirus epidemic, a year in which, one doesn’t really know how many Grands Prix are going to happen, we know what the outcome would’ve been!

It was, in all certainty, going to go Lewis Hamilton’s way- wasn’t it? But the true greatness of Lewis Hamilton doesn’t stem from the fact that he’s amassed an amazing tally of achievements that excite and ignite envy, all at the same time.

That’s understood.

It’s the fact that at 34, with 250 races, 151 podiums, and well over a decade spent in the sport, Lewis is still going strong. A guy who approaches every race he takes part in with the same passion and energy you’d find from a neophyte trying to find his way.

Yet, he’s the calm and mature character that’s grasped a place of respect and reverence in our hearts and conscience. Probably, when it comes from him- “Still I rise”- you ought to believe it!

But that being said, away from the annals of the great victories, and the bouncing back from the setbacks, there’s also something amazing that Lewis Hamilton has managed. It’s the amassment of all that wealth.

So the next obvious question is- how does the famous Briton spend all that wealth. Remember his is a fortune that runs into millions and millions of dollars!

Usually, big celebrities spend all that painstakingly-collected wealth in new houses or pompous homes and expensive properties. Well, Lewis Hamilton is a different creature; speed runs in those veins and the adrenaline is constantly in search of that which can offer a spike. Right?

Here’s what had to say on the matter of Lewis Hamilton’s wealth:

Because Hamilton has won so many F1 championships, he has a very lucrative deal with Mercedes. Celebrity Net Worth says that Hamilton earns about $50 million a year from his salary with Mercedes, his winnings on the track, and the endorsement deals that he’s signed. As a result, Celebrity Net Worth also estimates that Hamilton has a net worth of about $285 million.

The picture, nonetheless, is rather incomplete. Lewis also spends a lot of his money on expensive cars, as that aspect represents sophisticated pleasures of a lifestyle checkered by love for speed and the attraction towards thrill.

One among the biggest  possessions of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 career is the Pagani Zonda 760 LH, a monster of a sports car that Lewis got made specifically tailored to his interest. Believe it nor not, it’s worth $20 million.

Interestingly, it’s also the fastest car he has ever owned. A few months back, the Mercedes driver parted with one of the most lavish possessions of his iconic career- the private jet.

What’s more.

Akin to an Hollywood icon, or just another top-notch Hollywood A-Lister, Lewis Hamilton also owns several multi-million dollar properties in several revered destinations around the world, that include- Grenada, Monaco, New York, and London, among many others, to name a few.

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