In a sport that prides itself on the illustrious achievements of a generation of world champions, there being no dearth of accomplished, starry names- the likes of Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Hunt, Lauda, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton exemplifying the sport in their own unique styles- just where do lady drivers in F1 matter?

For the longest time, there’s been a talk about lady drivers in F1 finally taking their rightful place under the sun. We’ve all endlessly debated about how exciting and surreal at the same time would be the sight to witness lady drivers in F1 racing alongside a Hamilton, Verstappen, and Vettel.

The possibilities of the above coming to life, given that the modern template of the sport is forever entwined in change and willing to repackage itself to reach a wider audience base, seem endless.

But still, the question stands where it always has: where do lady drivers in F1 stand and when can they be expected to race alongside noted modern-day drivers?

jamie chadwick

Among the many names that are racing around the world, the name of Jamie Chadwick has found plenty of attention in the last few months. Given the bundle of talent that the 21-year-old Bath, UK-born driver is, it doesn’t seem that the day is far from us when lady drivers in F1 would be locking horns with their male counterparts.

The youngest winner of the British GT Championship as also the first-ever female winner of the checkered competition, Jamie Chadwick brings unbridled enthusiasm and massive talent to a sport that demands something more than just raw speed to conquer heights.

Her abilities to focus for long hours coupled with excellent hand-eye co-ordination have caught the attention of racing aficionados.

But the winner of 2019’s all-female W-series championship happens to believe that change is on the cards; and that F1 could soon welcome lady drivers among its ranks.

She shared her passion toward imagining a recalibrated future of F1 through the following words:

“It would be unbelievable. It’s the ultimate goal. It’s every young driver’s dream. That dream becomes a little bit more of a closer reality with the relationship I have with Williams. I really want to achieve it for myself. I really want to be there on merit and because I deserve to be, and fingers crossed that happens soon.”

Currently, Jamie Chadwick has her hands full in the sense that a busy schedule at Grove is just one of the key highlights of an intricate association with Williams. Besides that, Chadwick is ever-present along with her team during most racing weekends, participating in track-events that happen alongside the build-up to a Grand Prix.

Someone who’s already emerged an inspiration for the various bright talents trying to rise through the ranks, here’s what Jamie Chadwick shared on her prestigious relationship with Williams:

“Getting that kind of experience with an F1 team has been awesome. For it to be Williams, a British team who have so much history, has been extra special and I’ve learned a lot from them so far.”

Among the things that have generated countless discussions is how with the coming up of the 2021 season, there could be change on the cards. The new regulations that are set to come into play during that season and for the times thereafter seem ‘ripe for change’ according to the Briton.

So could this be the time that lady drivers in F1 will finally be taking their deserved place on the grid alongside the menfolk? Imagine the heightened pleasure of seeing a Chadwick competing against the likes of Leclerc, Verstappen and Norris, the famous triumvirate of the next generation?

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