They are the second best on the current grid, behind their closest rivals, rather, if one might say then, their biggest assaulters in the form of Mercedes. Even if they have got the services of a very talented and experienced driver, they, as one can see, are clearly struggling.

With 5 races done and another 16 to go, it cannot be said that the mood in their camp is indicative of great euphoria. Furthermore, even as they’ve bagged the services of inarguably, the finest and most talked about names on the entire grid, they’ve failed to win a single race.

It appears that Ferrari are struggling. In fact, to suggest that Ferrari don’t seem to be at their best yet may actually be a bit of an understatement. Twice already has one seen Ferrari drivers battle among them right in the middle of a crucial Grand Prix whereas one may have wanted them to prepare a plan to hunt down the cars in front of them.

For the first time, one saw that in Bahrain’s Sakhir track. Then, one would see the two Ferrari drivers having a bit of a needless contest with one another at China, the 1000th Grand Prix of F1’s checkered history. And then, as seen recently at the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, the Italian team was doing it all over again.

What is wrong with the famous Scuderia stable, if one might ask? And as if their troubles on the Grand Prix grid weren’t any less, it appears that the sport’s most famous (or noted) racing marquee has grabbed headlines- once again- and not for the nicest reasons.

It appears that Ferrari have just recently admitted having had some issues and inaccuracies in understanding the 2019 car’s concept and therefore, its design and those details.

Speaking his piece of mind with the media, the current Ferrari boss and team principal Mattia Binotto, who resides in Switzerland, happened to offer some answer to what now seems a bit like that famous Vettel’s Rubik cube puzzle.

Not someone who likes to talk and act in a different way, someone who prefers to call a spade a spade, Mattia shared the following on his fears that Ferrari’s 2019 racing concept in F1 may have been borne out of incorrect execution.

“[There is] quite a lot of understeer.

“Is that only downforce or is it more than that? That is something that we really need to analyze and understand.

“Any conclusion today will be a wrong conclusion.

“It will take some days to really have proper analysis and try to understand: is it a matter of balance, is it a matter of downforce, is it maybe even car concept? 

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