In 2021 the Formula 1 contingent will appear to be a wildly different one. Isn’t it? For instance, despite all the troubles he had endured, who would’ve predicted that the winner of the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel would no longer find a place among the 10 teams and therefore, 20 drivers?Similarly, who would’ve thought that someone like Valtteri Bottas, who until 2019 season was seeming so fit and smooth at the Silver Arrows would find himself linked to a Renault drive, as per the current news updates?

And that being said, did anyone possibly think that Renault’s 2019 newcomer- Daniel Ricciardo– would have found himself behind the wheels of a McLaren come 2021- no right?

In that sense, anyone who suggests that Formula 1 is so eternally mired by unpredictability is not at all wrong or off the mark-isn’t it?

In fact, it may not be incorrect to state that at a time where much of the motorsports world finds itself simply staring at the clock, waiting for the start of what- if it all goes underway- will be the 2020 season, there’s this one big news that’s dominating the market.

While current McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr. has been confirmed for a Ferrari seat for the next season, ever-smiling Australian, popularly known as the sport’s “Honeybadger” Daniel Ricciardo is to drive for McLaren the next year.

In that regard, there’s all sorts of predictions and possibilities that one has been rather indulgent in. And when someone like former Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen has his own take on Daniel Ricciardo’s imminent move, you cannot help but take notice.

At the end of the day, it’s not some random F1 pundit but a very methodical luminary of the sport.

This brings us to the question: what did Mika have to say about Daniel Ricciardo; what are the famous “Flying Finn’s” feelings about McLaren’s new 2021 driver?

Is this a potent pairing and if so, what can it bring to a sport that’s ever hardwired for change?

Popular online publication had the following to say on the Hakkinen verdict on Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren move:

Hakkinen described the signing of Ricciardo as a ‘fabulous result’ for the team – the Australian joining the team as a replacement for Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz.

Having Ricciardo join McLaren, that is a fabulous result for Zak Brown and his team, how they’ve been able to get Ricciardo to join.” Hakkinen told the Inside Formula 1 podcast.

“He’s a great talent, a great driver. Suddenly he’s not getting results and it’s a shame so it’s great news that he’s joined McLaren because they are positively on their way to good success.”

That being said, make no mistake. Someone like the former double world champion does know a thing or two about Formula 1 and what it means to have a capable driver at one of the fast-paced sport’s famous McLaren.

Here is someone who has no fewer than 20 Grands Prix wins with the famous F1 team.

The only thing that now remains to be seen is whether the famous Australian driver can clinch a world title with his new team? For that to happen- if at all- Daniel Ricciardo will really need a formidable team at his disposal; a machine that can support his mega talent.

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