After India lost against New Zealand, the next match they were to play against England. It was the 21st match of the tournament, which was to be played at Kingsmead Durban on September 19, 2007. After a disappointing defeat, the Indian team was gearing up to take back their pride in this match. India vs England, a history of ruling for almost 200 years, the fans were drooling under the excitement to see this match happening.

India again won the toss and decided to bat first this time. Having a good batting track, Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir gave a terrific start to the game. The extraordinary partnership of 136 runs and Chris Tremlett of England castled Sehwag out of the game. Yuvraj Singh came to bat at the fifth number of Indian batting line up and the whole view of the match was turned upside down.

Watch The Super Sixes Smashed By Yuvraj Singh Here:

Just after he came to bat, Yuvraj had a few words of argument with Flintoff and those words charged him up to deliver the best of his career. Yuvraj Singh Smashed six sixes consecutively on a Stuart Broad’s over and he drew a new history on the timeline. Those racing sixes are not easy to forget and every cricket fanatic was hooting for him as those magnificent sixes were raining from his bat. Indian team finished their innings with a class and India made a total of 218 runs with the loss of 4 wickets.

The innings of England began with their opening batsman Darren Maddy and Vikram Solanki. Darren scored 29 runs off 20 balls including 3 boundaries and 1 six whereas Vikram scored 43 runs off 31 balls including 5 boundaries and 1 six. Thier next player Kevin Pietersen set his foot on the ground and smashed 39 runs off 23 balls. Despite team England was trying to put up an equal competition, Indian bowlers defended beautifully and England made a total of 200 runs with the loss of 6 wickets.

England lost the match by 18 runs and India team took their place in the tournament, holding their head high. We will be publishing the next game highlights and thrill tomorrow. Stay connected as we take a walk to the glorifying victory of India T20 World Cup 2007.

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9 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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