Watch How Shoaib Akhtar Lost His Cool When TV Anchor Laughed At Pakistan’s Defeat

India was celebrating the spectacular win of India over Pakistan. On Saturday night, the team defeated 11-0 arch-rivals Pakistan and even the Star Sports TV anchor could not hold his horses and got a little ahead of himself. A smashing innings of the Indian team was so overwhelming that he forgot what a defeat in such crucial match felt like. Jatin Sapru was anchoring the post-match session with Shoaib Akhtar and Kapil Dev, as he got carried away and managed to piss of Shoaib at the session.

At the beginning of the session, Sapru chuckled and mocked Shoaib while praising Virat Kohli. He was praising the fantastic performance of Virat for team India when he laughed and Shoaib lost his cool.

Watch The Session Here:

Video Courtesy: Star Sports (Youtube)

Sapru explained that he wasn’t mocking Shoaib instead the Mauka ad playing in the background led him to laugh. He also said that Kapil made a funny gesture with his hands which were synchronised with the tune of the ad and he could not hold but burst into laughter. Whatever the reason may be but Shoaib reaction was really unhappy.

We understand the disappointment of the defeat but when it’s “Mauka Mauka” how can anyone expect not to laugh after such a striking win and, by the way, “Mauka Mauka!!” Wink!!

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21 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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