His batting has an element of power and style to it. Bowlers dread facing him, batsmen love to follow him- both from his team as also from the opposition camps. Moreover, umpires tire out signaling fours and sixes that happen at a constant when he is on the crease. Cricket becomes a bigger sport than it is, the spirit of the game is lifted when runs flow from his bat, which they often do when he is around. And moreover, in a sport where individual innings are as important as team scores and performances, he emerges often as the differentiator between the two. There’s never a dull day in Virat Kohli’s life or for that matter in any fan’s journey when this dashing batsman is taking the charge, which isn’t often but nearly always, game after game, series after series, and contest after another.

At a time where records are so incessant for the team’s cause, Virat Kohli leads from the front, in both their construction and breaking or bettering if one might put it that way. He’s just 31 but thanks to his legendary batting, has already reached what could only be called the zenith of cricketing achievements, constant comparisons with Sachin Tendulkar keeping fans and followers constantly to the edge of their seats whenever the Delhi-born is out in the middle.

But in an age where what’s also important just like sportsmanship is the value or worth of a cricketer (and needless to say his talent), marketing, sponsorship, rights, and licenses, one’s come to also appreciate Virat Kohli’s brand value.

So that brings us to the important question as to what exactly is Virat Kohli’s brand value, the famous batting legend commonly associated with famous brands- of the class of – MRF, Puma, Audi, and countless other brands.

So back in 2019, Virat Kohli’s brand value was estimated at a whopping $237.5 million. If your eyes are popping already, then don’t blame us.

Virat kohli brand value

What was rather interesting in this figure is that, the 2019 numbers were a result of a 39% jump. This, let it be told, is a massive number in itself for the simple reason that it is way more than superstar of Bollywood film industry, Akshay Kumar. Kumar’s brand value is estimated at $104.5 million.

That said, Virat Kohli’s brand value is several times higher when one compares it with two more glittering names from the film industry- including- Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

In relation to the above, the Indian Express shared the following:

Apart from the 31-year-old Indian captain, three other cricketers made the top-20 list with MS Dhoni coming in at ninth place. The former Indian captain who is on a sabbatical since July made a three-place jump from last year’s rank of 12.

The other two cricketers are Sachin Tendulkar, who is on 15th, and Rohit Sharma, who just made it in the top-20 for the first time ever. In contrast to Kohli’s brand, the current ODI and T20I vice-captain brand is valued at $23 million.

That being told, one can only imagine where Virat Kohli’s brand value may reach in the coming years, given that he’s already at the top his game, unveiling something better with each passing inning!

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