Virat Kohli Made a Girl Cry When He Was Playing Santa

Virat Kohli is an extraordinary cricketer but beside that he is the heartthrob sportsman of the nation. It was the first anniversary of Virat’s Brand Wrogn and he was playing Santa at Inorbit Mall in Mumbai. He was distributing goodies to the people and sharing his stories with his fans. He was there to promote his clothing line where a girl was so overwhelmed to see Virat Kohli for the first time that she broke down into tears. OMG!! Virat Kohli!! SOB! SOB!

Video Source: Cinema Glitz

To console his fan Virat made an adorable gesture, he met this girl and clicked a selfie with her and not only that, he also gave her his autograph. Well, it was an incredible gift of Christmas from our charming Santa Virat to that girl.

Virat also visited the competitors’ stores which left many stumped and amazed. Well, no one can deny that he is one of the most loved style icons and sportsmen of the country. Virat Kohli is a stunner.

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19 Dec. 2015
Avni S. Singh


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