India–Sri Lanka Cricbuzz Cup test series 2015, fired up on the 4th Day of the third Test Match, when Ishant Sharma and Dhammika Prasad got into an ugly duel on- field in the last session of the day at the SSC. Ishant Sharma is known for his fiery attitude on the field however, casting an over this video revealed, he was actually trying to keep his calm untill very last.

Things started to heat up when Prasad bowled three back to back bouncers and madden Ishant Sharma.

Things got carried away when Prasad pitched one more bouncer and Ishant pushed the ball for a single and smacked his helmet repeatedly while running down the pitch and past Prasad, as if goading him to bowl more bouncers. This led to a fiery altercation between Prasad and Ishant.

Here Is The Video:

Ashwin tried to calm down Ishant and the umpire spoke to both the players and the Captains of both the respective team.

1 Sep 2015
Sneha Singh

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