This Rare Video Of Rahul Dravid Taking Wickets Is Going Viral!

Rahul Dravid, the exemplary former Indian Cricketer who was favorite of every 90s cricket enthusiast. Though, he doesn’t play on the ground anymore but his supreme strategy of the game is still visible in the players of under-19 cricket team of India. He is the coach and he knows how to pitch the gentlemen’s game right into his pupil’s mind.

We have witnessed, his batting game and he managed to kick some butt of the contemporary team most of the times but to watch him bowl was a rare affair.  The legendary player has taken just four-wickets in his cricketing career and we stumbled upon a video that shows three out of them. The way he took all these wickets is pure class and to watch him playing on the field after this long is giving us all kinds of nostalgia.

Here Watch The Video:

(Video Courtesy: Mainak Sinha)

Don’t you want to see him play again? He was a true class player and with his expert coaching towards Indian under-19 team, he has proved that this man’s first love will always be cricket. When he played, he played peerlessly and now when he is training, he is doing it wearing his heart on sleeves.

Happy Birthday, Rahul Dravid! Cricket Is Honoured To Have You As A Player.

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11th January, 2017
Avni S. Singh