Do you know the views of Sachin Tendulkar on Marnus Labuschagne? Well, you might not have come across a better cricketing story for much of today, in this case!

He’s called the God of cricket. Long before Virat Kohli even picked up the bat or Steve Smith was even birthed to cricket, way back before Kane Williamson had even grown as much as a tiny inch of beard or before Andre Russell became the next six-hitting-machine from the Caribbean after Chris Gayle, there was Sachin Tendulkar.

He was described as the Master Blaster. Most- including fans and commentators- have rated him as among the greatest to have ever been birthed to world cricket. Many, even today, swear by him. Many, it could be said, in the generations to follow will always refer to him as the most correct or complete batsman to have wielded the bat, perhaps since the iconic Sir Donald Bradman.

But if years back, Sir Don was reminded of himself when he looked at Sachin, it ought to be asked, which batsman reminds Sachin of himself when one talks about the modern-era batsmen?

Well, perhaps you may be in for a tad bit of a surprise to note that rising Australian talent Marnus Labuschagne reminds Tendulkar about his own game.

Surprised? So, how surprised are you actually, considering that these aren’t just two very different cricketers but also talents who come from divergent eras that have nothing but a simple love for the art of batting in common?

But yes, that is what it is. The thoughts of Sachin Tendulkar on Marnus Labuschagne seem to indicate that the Indian batting legend has taken to a serious liking for the Australian batting talent.

Tendulkar on Marnus Labuschagne
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For someone who, only months back, last year, raised his game to an extent that he was causing the English bowlers a lot many headaches, scoring those great hundreds with glee, it’s hardly a surprise that Labuschagne has risen in his graph as a batsman with a great following.

But then, who would’ve thought that none other than Sachin Tendulkar would find a trace of himself in the dogged Aussie right-hander?

In fact, the thoughts of Sachin Tendulkar on Marnus Labuschagne seem to suggest the genuine regard that the scorer of 100 centuries (in international cricket) has come to reserve for the rising batting force in the current times.

What’s more? Sachin has gone on record to say that he was aware of Labuschagne’s massive potential inside the very first fifteen overs wherein he’d first seen the young Aussie bat (for the first time in his life)!

Tendulkar also directed lavish praise at the impeccable footwork of the right-handed batsman.

To quote the master blaster Tendulkar on Marnus Labuschagne, you have to note the following:

“His footwork was precise; footwork is not physical, it’s mental, if you aren’t thinking positively then your feet don’t move. So that clearly indicated to me that this guy is mentally strong. If you are not your feet would not move.”

In fact, Tendulkar also shared some insights about the much-needed cricketing contest of the hour: the Bushfire Cricket bash, wherein he shared:

“You see the number of lives it has affected and not just humans, the wildlife which sometimes people don’t talk about, and that is equally important. I’m so happy I’m here in whatever possible way to support the cause.”

That being said, one’s sure that the new Australian batting powerhouse would’ve felt utterly delighted with Sachin’s generous appraisal of his talent- isn’t it?

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