Suresh Raina is undoubtedly a star cricketer of India. As an all-rounder, he makes one of the best players for the Indian team. The star loved by many has a new reason to celebrate his life. Raina became a father of a baby girl, his wife Priyanka gave birth to the child at a private hospital in Amsterdam.

Raina is 29 years old and is heading Gujarat Lions as a captain. He and his wife named their daughter Gracia. On May 10, he flew to Netherlands to be with his pregnant wife because of which he missed a match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Raina was unavailable for an IPL match for the first time and the reason was well explained as nothing can be more important than welcoming his child.

Raina and Priyanka got married in April last year and now they are proud parents of a daughter. Suresh Raina can not be happier and his happiness is clear through a tweet he posted on twitter.

Tweet Here:

Congratulations Raina and Priyanka!

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16 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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