Former Pakistan cricketer, and one of the most famous big-hitters of the white ball, Shahid Afridi has tested positive for Coronavirus. It wasn’t that long ago on June 13, 2020 when Shahid Afridi updated his fans and followers on the status of his health in a social media post.

Giving an indication of his health status, the belligerent striker of the ball took to Twitter and posted the following message:

I’ve been feeling unwell since Thursday; my body had been aching badly. I’ve been tested and unfortunately I’m covid positive. Need prayers for a speedy recovery, InshaAllah #hopenotout #StaySafe #StayHome.

That said, in what can be looked as a bit of a disconcerting piece of news, all thoughts are now with the Pakistani stalwart, a giant of the modern conception of the game.

Although upon first thoughts, not an awful lot can be made from what looks a pretty simple and straightforward message from the famous cricketer, the only thing one can say is that not everyone who tests positive for the contractable disease ends up in an alarming situation.

It wasn’t at all surprising to note that several social media platforms within minutes of Shahid Afridi sharing the health update on Twitter, published content on the news. This is, after all, no ordinary cricketer; someone we rejoice seeing bat and thank god for the countless video footage that’s available out there.

Furthermore, the news also made noise on the ICC platform.

The ICC said that former Pakistan captain Afridi has decided to join the noble cause by buying the bat on behalf of his charity foundation for $20,000. “Mushfiqur Rahim has found a buyer! Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has joined the good cause, picking up the bat on behalf of his charity foundation,” the elite cricket body would post in a Tweet.

Afridi, on the other hand, too took to his official social media hand to confirm the news. He hoped that this small token will help building bigger bridges. “Cricket is to bind. In the divisive world of today, we must look forward to better tomorrow; its always upto us to take 1st step. @SAFoundationN believes human suffering & empathy is beyond borders. Hope this small token will help building bigger bridges.#DonateKaroNa #HopeNotOut,” Afridi wrote.

But let’s move on to an imporant quesiton

In fact, at the same time where much of the world is concerned about the fatalities arising from the COVID-19 virus, what mustn’t be forgotten is also the column that states, “cases recovered.”

In that aspect, as important is the need to understand that the number of cases are rising, equally important is the need to realise that there are several who get better and recover.

For it would only mean that one is thinking about only one side of the coin and not the other. Surely, many a fatality has occurred out of the COVID-19 virus, yet, it’s also important to understand the “full picture.”

But in here, also rests a question; do we actually understand the importance of seeing the ray of hope that points to the larger picture.

While there’s no sign of a vaccine yet, COVID-19 patients are also recovering and getting back to the normal course of life- aren’t they? How would we function with there being just fear and worry?

We wish “Boom-Boom” Afridi a happy and speedy recovery.

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