This may actually seem a bit surprising to some, truth be told. To most others, it may even seem a bit of a revelation. But in actuality, it helps us identify the sterling quality that’s honesty, in fact, brutal honesty, if one may put it like that.

So when Graeme Smith shared with absolute honesty that he wishes for Saurav Ganguly to lead the ICC, which, without a speck of doubt, happens to to be cricket’s strongest governing body, we understood the deep regard that a famous and widely-popular left-handed batsman has for another, a contemporary from the yesteryears.

But above anything else, when Graeme Smith said that about Saurav Ganguly, we also understood that this was one astute and ever-thinking cricketing brain offering an honest word about another.

Saurav Ganguly today is one of the strongest pillars of Indian cricket administration, forming a key part of the BCCI. But just how many in his India may have thought about the prospect of the famous “Prince of Calcutta” holding the most important office in the premier-most establishment called the ICC?

Well, now that the former South African cricket captain has himself suggested that, it appears that the idea actually makes a lot of sense. Doesn’t it?

Just imagine all that Ganguly can achieve for a sport ever searching for newer audiences, wider geographies amid what can only be called truly complex times where much of our attention is on apps and gadgets, in an age defined by instant gratification.

Ganguly was, undoubtedly, hailed for his bold and gregarious leadership qualities, just the kind of value that the eminent international body needs to have directing the game from the highest bracket- right?

In fact, as a prelude to what is clearly trending and making news everywhere in cricketing circles, here’s what important to note:

Apparently, Mr. Shashak Manohar, as of last December, shared that he has no intentions of renewing his term as the ICC Chairman.

And here’s what Graeme Smith shared on the matter of Saurav Ganguly, the ever-legendary belligerent left-hander who The Wall of Indian cricket celebrated calling him, “The Lord of the Off-Side!”

It is very important to have the right person as head of the ICC,” said Smith.

“Post-COVID, cricket will need strong leadership and it is time for someone close to the modern game with leadership credentials to get into the position.”

Furthermore, it’s also important to note that while speaking in a tele-conference, Graeme Smith made his call for Ganguly’s election after Cricket South Africa interim chief director Jacques Faul shared about some plans for South Africa to travel to India for a bi-lateral T20I series during late-August.

That being said, Graeme Smith’s meaningful words on Saurav Ganguly definitely warrant greater introspection. A man with such amazing experience and merit does deserve to seek greater recognition through such a dignified post such as the Chairman of the International Cricket Council.

What cricket does need, at this point in time, is honorable men and men of an unquestionable stature to guide the much-loved sport in the right direction.

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