Heads or tails? Yes or no? Maybe or maybe not? Today or tomorrow? Or, let’s just say, when after all? Dates? Timings? Any certainty? It’s rather funny that a game that is known for being incessantly surprising at times, its template, as it is, mired by uncertainty, what’s also uncertain is whether one of the premier events of the game would take place or not? Going by the nature of the events that have unfolded in the recent times- the world existing, instead of thriving all thanks to the outbreak of the Novel Covid-19- all are wondering whether the IPL 2020 would take place or not?

Rohit Sharma, who was last seen in the famous and widely-admired T20 series (featuring India playing New Zealand, in New Zealand) has shared his take on the status of the IPL 2020.

Definitely, it goes without saying that the Indian Premier League is T20 cricket’s showstopping franchise event. It’s a format that is much loved by fans and seeks extensive participation by big names around the world, regardless of teams and unbound by geographical distances.

That said, what did Rohit Sharma had to say about the IPL 2020? What does the belligerent right-hander, also the scorer of not one or two but 3 ODI double-hundreds have to say?

The man famous for making the art of batting look both destructive and elegant with great ease shared that the 13th edition of the signature franchise T20 league in India may happen provided things smooth down in the coming days.

Now, whether that actually happens is something none know about and may never be able to guess. A lot about IPL 2020 and whether it is executed in the current circumstances, happens to fall on a combination of factors, some of which are as follows:

When will the Coronavirus threat bow down or wither away?

How soon can the organizers of the sport, the functioning body and forces behind the IPL (including BCCI who will lead from the front) execute the plans if the Coronavirus threat does buckle down with time?

Moreover, what if the novel Covid-19 threat does go out of the scheme of things, but by that time, the ICC decides to proceed with the other series’ as per the original 2020 calendar’s plans?

That being said, where it stands at the moment, the BCCI, according to Rohit Sharma (the second-highest ODI run scorer in 2019) had happened to state, “Is concerned and sensitive about all its stakeholders, and public health, in general, and it is taking all necessary steps to ensure that, all people related to the IPL, including fans have a safe cricketing experience.”

Since it is anyways a long and daunting tournament, that does, as a matter of fact, expose both cricketers and fans to rigors- including braving the heat (these being the summer seasons, the usual period wherein the starry event is held) and a lot many factors, the last that anyone would want would be for the fans and cricketers to be subjected to some sort of viral epidemic. And hence, the safety of everyone is right now of paramount importance.

In some ways, what one must observe and acknowledge as also carried out by the thoughts sharded by Rohit Sharma is that the administrators are doing a fine job by not rushing up things and exposing one and all to the peril dangers of the Coronavirus scare.

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