Players Who Battled DRS And Lost In The Most Hilariously Amusing Way

Decision Reviewing System (DRS) will go in the history books as the most influential law ever that further divided Cricket fans all over the world. The system basically allows to challenge the umpires call and is an entertaining hit and miss concept ever implied in the game of Cricket.

It’s not only BCCI that goes tete-a-tete with DRS as the following compilations give us an insight of some jocular reviews ever taken by a cricketers.

1. Shane Watson (The King Of Bad Reviews)

Watson is one of the most celebrated players in Cricketing fraternity but he has been a subject of various memes and jokes due to his review choices that shouldn’t had been taken in the first place.

(Video Courtesy: cricinfo)

Why King Of Bad Reviews? It’s because he has taken not one, not two, not even three but six reviews that might have shown his ‘not so good’ judging abilities.

2. Kane Williamson

Williamson is regarded as one of the best captains in recent times due to his ‘never give up’ persona and who leads his team to a fight till the end. However, there was an occasion when he crossed all limits and took conviction to another level.

(Video Courtesy: Lovedaa)

He showed us how to make a big thing out of nothing (pun intended).

3. Misbah-ul-Haq

The Pakistani Captain will never forget this moment as this review was the easiest decision that DRS team had to take ever. Even David Warner, the man on strike, had a moment of laugh after the review was taken.

How good the Decision Reviewing System is for Cricket or how many controversies will be caused by the system? Only time will tell. Nevertheless, DRS has given us something to laugh at and remember forever.

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29 December 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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