A few months back, there emerged a story that MS Dhoni had actually donated his famous wicketkeeping gloves toward the aid of a dying patient who was suffering from Cancer. What a heart-melting move. No? Now, it appears that there’s another piece of news that has sprung to the attention of one and all. And it concerns MS Dhoni’s donation toward Coronavirus issue.

Those who are desperately seeking to duck under this massive bouncer, worry not for MS Dhoni’s donation toward Coronavirus is a big shot out of the park.

Truthfully speaking, how else can one put it?

One only wonders and reckons that if Coronavirus was to be this living evil incarnate, in a human form, then Dhoni’s powerful helicopter shot would’ve deposited it into the bedrock of the Indian ocean, through a customary boisterous strike.

Alas, such a thing isn’t going to happen. Else Dhoni would’ve murdered this pure evil with all his might. Yet, what has happened, as a matter of fact, is that MS Dhoni’s donation toward Coronavirus issue has risen as a beautiful embodiment of what one can do in a bid to rise for the others.

And that’s not any lame shot, after all.

That said, do you know what is MS Dhoni’s donation toward Coronavirus scare?

Well, a few hours back, it was reported that none other than the former captain of Team India had stepped up to help the wage workers in Pune. So what MS Dhoni actually did was that he volunteered to donate a handsome sum in order to aid the wailing wage workers in the city of Pune (in Maharashtra) so that they would be able to feed their families.

Well, truth be told, one among the nasty ramifications of this huge concern is that the daily wage workers who do not have any other source of earning bread other working on daily wages have received the biggest blow of them all.

Think of artists, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, and others.

Think of those wage workers whose daily earning was as it is a paltry sum. Now, in the face of the nation-wide lockdown, which as one might know, is to continue until April 15, has put the common man on the backfoot.

And that’s exactly where the big-hitting maestro, also a legendary keeper in the annals of this great game, has stepped up to bat on the front foot. And here he is: batting for the poor on a sticky wicket, putting all that love and unconditional affection into play.

The above told, the following explains clearly the extent or magnitude of MS Dhoni’s donation toward Coronavirus issue, as explained by Times Now News:

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has come forward to help the families of daily wage workers in Pune amid the coronavirus crisis. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete 21-day lockdown across India, Dhoni has donated Rs 1 lakh via crowdfunding website Ketto to the Mukul Madhav Foundation, public charitable trust in Pune.

That being said, read more.

The foundation has identified several families across Pune, who will be helped by Dhoni’s donation. A kit containing grocery essentials like soap, pulses, Rice, Atta, Oil, Grains, Pulses, Poha, biscuits, Tea, Sugar and spices will be provided to the families who are in desperate need of support in these testing times.

Well, what can one say: well done, Mahi!

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