He is, undoubtedly, the richest current Indian cricketer. He has, for quite some time, been as powerful in his earnings from the sport as he’s legendary in his standing in it. There are rich cricketers, then there are affluent ones and then there are those who earn mind-boggling numbers.

Back in the day, in the post-Cricket World Cup 1996-era, when Sachin Tendulkar signed the Worldtel deal, worth around INR 100 crore, it was said to be the biggest of its kind and for any cricketer in that or previous era.

What a landmark moment it was then. Just that today, teams in the IPL nearly spend that amount on acquiring rich talents for their respective franchises and maybe sometimes, even double that already whopping amount.

But what does MS Dhoni make from the very game that he has taken to fancy heights, a sport in which his current standing is and shall be legendary in the times to come?

Well, according to popular digital medium Celebritynetworth.com, the current net worth of MS Dhoni is somewhere around 170 Million USD.

That’s a lot, is it?

Now imagine if you were to be told that at one stage, the man himself, captain cool that is had desired to make nothing more than INR 30 lakh (something that maybe West Indian cricketers Suleiman Benn would have made in totality)?

How bizarre and unbelievable would that have sounded, no?

But believe it or not, this is precisely what MS Dhoni had to say to a former Indian cricketer who is best known for his amazing tally of runs collected in the tough Ranji format.

Apparently, the recently retired Wasim Jaffar, most noted for his sterling double hundred in the West Indies (212), has revealed what appears to be a rather amazing tale about the former India captain.

So this leads us to question what is it about MS Dhoni that Wasim Jaffer had to say.

Let’s quote the technically sound right-hander here, “In his 1st or 2nd year in Indian team, I remember he said, he wants to make 30 lakhs from playing cricket so he can live peacefully rest of his life in Ranchi”.

Now, if that is not brilliant, then one wonders just what is?

Imagine MS Dhoni wanting to earn such a small figure from the very sport from where he’s not only risen in ultimate glory but iconic stature as one of the greats of Indian cricket?

That being said, it’s rather sad that the man who was expected to mark a return to the top annals in the form of the celebrated IPL franchise is now going to have to wait for a little longer.

Of course, it helps to know that the famous 13th edition of the Indian Premier League was to have begun on March 29, 2020. But alas, thanks to the global pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak, this isn’t going to happen.

That being told, all eyes are now transfixed on the colossal sight that it might become when MS Dhoni returns to wearing the Indian jersey in the 2020 edition of the T20 World Cup, slated to be held in Australia later in this year.

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