Kumar Sangakkara, an unmatched player for his sheer consistency made him one of the best Wicketkeeper/Batsman Sri Lanka had ever produced.  At the age of 37, Sangakkara retired from the international cricket as one of the most successful players of the 21st century.

The Sri Lankan legend made his international debut in One-Day International (ODI) game against Pakistan at Galle and astounded the Cricket world with his excellent reflexes behind the stumps and prudent batting in all the three formats of the game.

Born on October 27, 1977 (age 40), the Sri Lanka’s former captain is said to be one of the most influential cricketers in the world. Sangakkara holds numerous batting records in the modern era across all formats of the game. On his 40th Birthday, we bring you some of the unknown facts related to Kumar Sangakkara.

Here are the 9 facts about Kumar Sangakkara that will make you believe why he is the “Man Of Steel” of cricket:

1. Kumar Sangakkara Is Not Only A Cricketer.


2. He Is Everyone’s Favorite.


3. A Specialist Batsman.


4.One Of His Many Records.



5. Dangerous Batsman.


6. A Talented All Round Sportsman.


7. May Be He Decided To Practice Law Finally.


8.The Man Of Many Admirable Qualities.


9. A Dedicated Reader.


Happy Birthday, Kumar Sangakkara!

27 October 2015
Avni S. Singh

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