Of all things that are trending around the world during these silly times, Kane Williamson’s message during Coronavirus lockdown is a rather surprising one. Not because Kane Williamson cannot feature among the world’s most trending subjects or headlines. But simply because in times mired by a sense of desperation, where the order of the day is a ‘breaking development’, ‘news updates’, and often ‘morbid tales recounting death counts’, the chances of a simpleton ‘trending’ from a country that anyways one doesn’t hear in the same amount as the United States or China don’t seem too overwhelming.

But that’s when life strikes you with the anomalies, suggesting that the normal and humane among us are about as important as the ‘newsmakers’ from around the globe.

Kane Williamson’s message during Coronavirus was a simple and heartfelt expression of a man taking the time and effort out to reach the rest of the world and his own compatriots in these difficult times.

And in that sense, what was fundamentally an expression of ode to all health workers- including doctors, clinical experts, and nurses- for them having ‘our’ backs during vastly challenging times became in a sense, a reflection of the regard most of us felt but perhaps strangely didn’t express.

So in that sense, Kane Williamson’s message during Coronavirus, addressed to the workers who are actually putting their lives on the side so that ours could be saved from the brink extends Cricket’s ode to the society’s heroes that are batting on, on a tough pitch.

Yes, sticky wicket this, right? After all, haven’t we all heard that the among the commonest of places wherein one can get an infection and find strange afflictions are the hospitals themselves.

Yet, hundreds of thousands of medical workers who are working round the clock putting their loved ones behind, attending to such a massive travesty of our times is something we ought to appreciate.

In that regard, one must ask something.

How fitting that a true gentleman of the sport, a hero of sorts; a man who epitomizes simplicity and grace despite having achieved sky-reaching success happened to pen the ode that many around him didn’t make time for?

The yesteryears were about the Laxman’s and Gower’s, the Dravid’s and the Gilchrist’s, the Younis Khan’s and the Courtney Walsh’s, but today and for the times to come, the cricketing world will continue to express its gentility and simplicity through the likes of Kane Williamson.

A batsman that not many can be, a gentleman among a culture that often sides with the uncouth, a man most every man would want to become, a hero that not many are capable of becoming.

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