Here’s a piece of news that may actually surprise you. A piece of news that doesn’t really or even have cricket at its heart and has, rather a sensitive topic pertaining to the ongoing tensions between China and India.

On a day where none had expected the ongoing tensions and anxieties between India and China would lead to any kind of bloodbath, it was utterly heartbreaking and painful to know of several soldiers losing their lives at the hands of the merciless Chinese up in Ladakh.

But just how did a travesty and painful episode that actually none saw coming and would have, under any circumstance, wanted to avoid, lead to someone getting sacked at the CSK camp in the famous IPL?

In fact, to even think of it, isn’t it even little weird that some lost their lives in a real tense situation, the current Indo-China ties possibly pointing something malicious or hideous even and there we have someone lose his job?

In a world where the weird often happens as often and surprisingly as draughts spoiling farmer earnings despite predictions of good monsoons, a recent sacking took place in the famous IPL team Chennai Super Kings and the matter apparently points to someone’s tweet.

So now the question is what was the matter?

In what can only be described as a bizarre occurrence, NDTV shared some insight in its reportage on the issue and shared the following:

Chennai Super Kings on Wednesday suspended its team doctor Madhu Thottappillil for a social media post on the death of 20 Indian Army personnel during a clash with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh which was deemed to be in “bad taste” by the IPL franchise. CSK, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni who holds the rank of an honorary lieutenant in Territorial Army, announced the suspension on its official Twitter page. 

That being said, one wonders if there is some official reaction to the recent occurrence?

Apparently, an official statement has already been issued by the famous two-time IPL crown-winning side, one of the most loved in the context of the famous T-20 contest in all of India. And it said the following:

The Chennai Super Kings Management was not aware of the personal tweet of Dr. Madhu Thottappillil. He has been suspended from his position as the Team Doctor.

Furthermore, it was reported that “Chennai Super Kings regrets his tweet which was without the knowledge of the Management and in bad taste!”

That being said, what must be noted was that the recently sacked employee wasn’t some ordinary figure in the bright yellow colors. The former CSK doctor had, in fact, been with the famous IPL marquee for several years, having joined the contingent in its very first IPL season.

The gentleman also happens to be a specialist in sport medicine. But one must question a couple of things”

On an individual basis, if a tweet hurts the sentiments of a larger group, shouldn’t a massive fine be imposed as a first and last warning of sorts?

Furthermore, doesn’t an individual tweet on account of someone’s feeling- good or bad- reflect that very person’s thinking and not that of the larger team structure? Isn’t this understood in the first place?

Maybe, a written apology from the defaulter’s end could have helped in some way?

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