“When will the IPL take place in 2020, if at all?”

It’s, quite frankly, the one question every fan of T20 cricket, not in the least in India, has been wanting to get out of the way.

And now, after months of speculation and rife suggestions some of which had the contest being held in Sri Lanka and on other occasions in Dubai, it alleges that we finally have an answer to the singularly -particular fan predicament.

It appears that we now know when might the IPL be actually held for real this year.

There’s now a distinct possibility that the 2020 edition of the IPL might be held in entirety in the United Arab Emirates.

There’ve been too many conflicting theories that honestly dampened the interest surrounding one of the famous checkered premier leagues in T20 cricket today with many speculating earlier that the BCCI were convinced that Sri Lanka would host the series in the troubled season.

But was that all? There were also reports that suggested that New Zealand could also be a “possible” venue for the famous T20 franchise league in a year where nothing’s quite gone wrong for the entire planet, not just the world of sports.

And now, there’s surety in that confirmed news reports point to the direction of the UAE as being the final host of the tournament one definitely desires seeing sooner than any later.

There being said, what are the ground realities. What are we to know about IPL in 2020, being currently linked to UAE?

A recent report published on reverted cricketing media Espncricinfo.com quoted the following:

A final decision will be taken by the BCCI once the ICC announces the likely postponement of the men’s T20 World Cup, scheduled between October 18 and November 15 in Australia. The ICC Board is scheduled to have a call on July 20 to discuss the matter, and a final decision on the World Cup is likely to be taken then.It is understood that the BCCI has written to the Indian government seeking permission for the tournament to be shifted to UAE and also get the necessary travel permission for the players and officials of the teams.

That being said, what we may see in the next few days could be a final confirmation in regards to the 2020 edition being held in UAE, remember the destination also serves as a second home to Pakistan national cricket team.

So what’s it gonna be? Are we going to see the famous rivalry between the undaunted Mumbai Indians and the ever-buzzing Chennai Super Kings light up what’s destined to be the 13th edition of the whirlwind T20 series?

Who will prevail at the end and set the tone for what is usually an enthralling cricketing fest?

For now, we have to wait for further updates. But at least, there’s definite hope in light of the circumstances (Corona epidemic) that the IPL will not be held in India anymore.

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