In India, cricket is a way to reach the divine. Well, at least, in terms of ultimate upliftment or entertainment, should one put it that way. And when it comes to the T20 cricket, then it is the fastest way to reach sublime entertainment. And just when it had seemed that there might have been a delay or uncertainty to reach this path, one that beckons everyone to walk on it, year after year, here comes, a confirmation. Let’s step away from the cradle of spirituality for a while die-hard fans, shall we? The IPL 2019 will be held in India.


So, what happens now?

Well, as per normal, there’ll be massively entertaining- well, one hopes so- T20 games spread over a packed schedule for both the cricketers as well as the fans, to begin with. You know the jazz. But here’s what’s most interesting, if you thought about it like that.

The IPL 2019 promises an even better presentation of the tournament and offers great entertainment right at the start of the year, particularly for the Indian cricket fans who’ve only recently witnessed a historic moment of sorts, with India winning the Test series Down Under.

Who’d mind a buffet serving of amazing games, thrilling ends, surprise results and above all, big bashings from the bat right at the early part of the year- isn’t it? And in that regard, the IPL 2019- now confirmed to be held from March 23 and to conclude on May 12- is going to compel the die-hard cricket fan to shift important dates, and whatnot in accordance with the biggest cricketing extravaganza in T20s, as they say.

Interestingly, why the confirmation of the IPL 2019 comes in with a bit of a surprise to many and relief as well is that the possibility of the Lok Sabha elections clashing with the league’s 12th edition had threatened the cricket league- followed with fever pitch- to be shifted from India.

So what changed in the end?

The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (COA) announced on Tuesday, 8 January 2019, that the globally-followed tournament would be held in India but with 20 venues to be kept ready for organizers to choose from in order to avoid a clash with the polls.

That said, for anyone wanting to know what is more powerful in the world’s largest democracy over politics, then here is the answer- Cricket! Or, is it?

Interestingly, in the past, the IPL has been shifted twice from India, once in 2009 where the entire tournament was shifted fully and then, in 2014, where it was partly held abroad.

And to elaborate more on the IPL 2019 schedule- remember the dates again March 23 to May 12- is for it to end approximately 15 days ahead of India’s first ICC 50-over World Cup contest, keeping in mind the Lodha Committee recommendations.

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